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Step Forward

Touch the latest Innovations
Designed with respect to your needs


Innovative Technology for Science

Everyday laboratory routine motivates us to make new inventions for scientific work. We understand your scientific needs and we wish to share our ideas with you to improve the science. With our first prototypes, we bring to customers smart solutions important for handling processes as the most critical bottleneck of scientific success. As plant scientists, we in Labdeers focus in recent projects on the development of new analyzing approaches and prototypes important for understanding complex developmental processes of all the aspects of plant germination and growth.


Our goal is to deliver clever manual and robotics solutions to everyday laboratory routine

zebrafish embryos

Although we force development of specialized laboratory devices dedicated for plant science, our products can be utilized and customized with respect to improvement of research in other fields of science such as human and animal science, chemical and material engineering or pharmacy.

Plant Scientists for Plant Science