Seed Phenotyping Centre

Seed Phenotyping Centre

Force your science and get seed phenotyping data including advanced seed sorting - for free of cost. 

Limited to Jan-Jul 2021 of project Granted period


Seed type: Arabidopsis is the most common seed type
other seeds - up to 5mm size can by anlyzed/sorted

Phenotyping centre Throughput: 150 000 seeds/week


GFP analysis

Sort to understand variability

Distribution of traits as seed shape, size or curvature are used to understand individual lines variability. However, seed properties are directly influencing early postembryonal growth. Using the seed phenotyping it is possible to do both seed-to-plan tracking analysis (phenotyping of seeds during seeding) as well as the analysis of seed stocks distribution (phenotyping during sorting).

Seed phenotypical analysis is performed with a 90 ° spatial rotation, with the option of parameterized sorting by the defined thresholds. Histograms are generated during sorting allowing the immediate data inspection. To get maximum of data, we provide advanced data analysis. The export of individual datasets to .csv files for further post-processing are available for each type of experiments.

cluster nalysis
LS ratio distribution Arabidopsis Col0 copy
SSE distribution Arabidopsis Col-0
seed size distribution Arabidopsis Col-0

Arabidopsis Thaliana (Col-0) phenotypical analysis of single seed stock. Dataset represents the analysis of 3000 seeds. Multi-metric and individual morphometric analysis of parameters describing seed roundness (L/S ratio), seed surface (SSE distribution) and seed size in (px). The average values from both projections of individual seeds are used.