Make reliable results faster


"Boxeed does the work so you can enjoy making science"


Make reliable results faster

"Boxeed does the work so you can enjoy making science"


Create Science with Ease

The benefits of seeding with Boxeed touch every part of your results

Create Science with Ease

The benefits of seeding with Boxeed touch every part of your results

Robotic system for automated laboratory seeding on plates


Be in Control
Whether you are making preps for phenotyping analysis or routine planting Boxeed puts the control into your hands to make sterile and precise work with reliable results. Simple seeding control guides you to make with ease perfectly seeded plates with minimal risk of human mistake or sample contamination.

Precise robotic seeding with Boxeed opens the possibility of data creation suitable for phenotyping analysis including the use of plates for analysis under precise automated processes.

Let your biological data to be integrated into optimal data processing forever using QR code seeding data archiving.

Your research data will be optimally archived for future use by seeding with Boxeed. Save your biological data and keep them to be analyzed by others in computer modeling or reanalyzed once new scientific ideas appear.

66 seeds per line

Get Maximum 
Seed sorting based on user-defined parameters...

....or just simple seeding process with image data analysis? This is another benefit of automatic seeding process. Correlation of dry seed phenotype with seedling phenotype is no further the future of routine genetics and breeding.


RGB analysis -robotic seeding Arabidopsis
Robotic preciseness in seeding on growth media

Be Creative
Optimal seeding randomization, study of neighborhood effects, seeding to exact positions for sensitive analyzing approaches or using gradient plates, that is what you can do with Boxeed.

Precise seeding opens new possibilities in plant science. With 8 possible plate platforms and 11 stock positions, Boxeed seeding system opens the endless possibilities of your experimental setup.

Less Prep Time
We know you love and hate seeding...

...and just because we do the prep work for you doesn't mean you don´t have seeding under control.

Boxeed is like a second pair of hands in the lab: hands with professional seeding skills and robotic preciseness to give you all the credit.


manual seeding praxis



More Scientific Time
If there was a time-consuming routine for making fully seeded plates and you simply resigned to do it precisely, Boxeed would do it precisely with ease for you.

Simple device control allows you to make seeding quickly while doing other things, like focusing on other experimental work, data evaluation or reading scientific papers. Focus on things that, with time turns into better publication results.


You won't believe how easy it is to transform the way you prepare new experiments.

Boxeed combines precise seeding under sterile conditions using 11 individual stocks and most common formats for planting with smart functions that include automatic nozzle sterilization, QR code plates description and data archiving.

Boxeed Seeding System Integrates

  • Seeding of various seed types (Arabidopsis, Nicotiana, Brassica, Lactuca..)
  • Using of multiwell plate formats, square and two types of rounded Petri dishes
  • Minimal risk of sample contamination
  • Robotic preciseness of seeding
  • Scientific time saving
  • QR printed plate description for plant data archiving
  • Gel height detection
  • Specially designed plant markers
  • Nozzle cleaning station
  • Intuitive software
Dimensions of Boxeed robotic laboratory seeder


Boxeed - Arabidopsis seeder system detail

Product specifications

Height:  353mm
Width: 423mm
Depth: 389mm
Weight: ~10kg
Connected load:  110V 50/60Hz; 230V 50Hz

The Boxeed seeding robotic system was introduced  to the scientific community within ACPD 2018 conference in Praha

Stay updated, its release is planned during 2019