Labdeers for seed phenotyping in plant research

Phenotyping and seed sorting reduce the total costs necessary to achieve research, breeding and publication results.
We save human work not only when working with the seeds themselves, but also in the experiments that follow.
I.e. growth analysis, biochemical, proteomic and genomic testing during germination and early postembryonic growth and development.

Phenotyping Centre

„The day you Sow, you already Know“ Phenotyping combined with the seed sorting or precise seed positioning is no further the limit. Speed up and improve plant research even there where it was hitherto impossible.

Laboratory devices

We put the high-end technologies and approaches of phenotyping into practice. We dispel myths that scientist has to die in the lab.

Arabidopsis and small seeds phenotyping

Noninvasive sowing, sorting and counting of individual seeds

Seed analysis and sorting for correlation studies

Automated fluorescence seed sorting

Seed-to-plant tracking analyzes

Seed phenotyping for high and clearly defined standards

We in Labdeers develop state-of-the-art technology for seed-to-plant phenotypical analysis, while providing our experience and know-how in the form of expert scientific services. We found a way of non-invasive seed processing and analysis even of dimensions Arabidopsis thaliana.

We focus on plant research as a priority for life in the second millennium. Technolgy-driven science is one of the cornerstones of science development in all areas of research. Where other technologies have failed, we find a way. Where the science had to change the direction of research only based on the lack of technologies, we said:”No it is not the right way to go.”