About us

“Creative thinking and new Ideas move Science forward”

Labdeers Ltd.

We are a private Czech company

Plant Scientists for plant Science

As a StartUp company, we were founded in 2016 by plant scientist Mgr. Tereza Dobisova, Ph.D.

The knowledge of everyday laboratory routine and the long-standing experience in molecular biology and genetics were crucial for awareness about missing technologies.

Now after two years of intensive research and testing, we proudly present our first inventions represented by two awesome prototypes of GentleGrab laboratory tool and Boxeed.

Both systems are dedicated for precise manipulation mainly with seeds of various species and size beginning on 80 microns. These devices can be used as well in another field of research, where precise nondestructive and noninvasive manipulation with micro-particles and micro-materials is needed (medicine, chemical laboratories as well as in human research).

Labdeers s.r.o. wishes to improve laboratory praxis in other fields of research as well. We have combined long term experience of specialists with many different backgrounds. Our international team consists of specialists in electro engineering, construction engineering, and software programming. Common interdisciplinary understanding is a key point for the realization of project ideas with the emphasis to improve scientific routine.

We are open to cooperation on projects with innovative companies and universities on national or international levels. We continue in education and expansion of our team to create new methods and technologies, to bring high-tech products.

We are with our products from the beginning to the end, and this is our advantage. We know what we want to develop, we know how we want it and why. The whole process of final product release is under our control. We are focused on development, design, construction, software and final laboratory testing of devices we produce and we also provide user training.

Our main goal is to be precise in our work.

For our devices, we are searching for the highest-quality electronics and material components. We are creating environment-friendly products, which will meet the requirements for human health protection.

Based on this, modern approaches and latest technology were implemented to material engineering, prototyping, and production.