Stainless steel nozzles

Stainless steel nozzles + filter

Polypropylene nozzles

Polypropylene nozzles + filter

nozzles illustrative image


Nozzle stand

Size: 50 positions

  • 1/2" - 10cm x 5cm x 3cm (LxWxH)
  • 2" - 10cm x 5cm x 12cm (LxWxH)

Color: Gray
Material: PET-G
Qty: 1pcs
Manufacturer: Labdeers s.r.o.

Sterilize temporarily with UV light at 254 nm.

nozzle stand


Antistatic tubes
Antistatic effect (left tube)

Size: 1,5ml
Properties: sterile
Qty: 500pcs

Antistatic tubes


Water stop fillters 

Filter: pore size 10μm
Qty: 50 pcs/pkg
Properties: Non-sterile, wax coated

Filters can be sterilized temporarily with UV light at 254 nm.

H2O stop filters


Suction pads

Set of 3 silicone suction pads suitable for adhesive surfaces manipulation

sillicone pads



Light weight 3x magnifying glass



Magnifier clip

Properties: Two rotary positions 360° and 180°
Qty: 1 pcs/pkg
Properties: Non-sterile
Manufacturer: Labdeers s.r.o.

magnifier clip


LED - light protection cap

LED protective cap


Working box

Set of nozzles - 1/2″ Straight stainless steel and polypropylene nozzles - G14, G15, G16, G18 (3x), G20, G22, G27 (2x), G30 (2x)
Magnifier clip
LED - light protection cap
Silicone suction pads
 - 3x

H2O stop Filters - 5x

working box


Gentlegrab Charger

Pwr sup.unit: 5VDC; 2.1A
Out: micro USB; 11W
Plug variant: EU, UK, USA, AUS, CHN

GentleGrab charger