Boxeed 2.1


  • Tablet
  • AC power cord
  • Cleaning kit
  • 20 nozzles with filter – 32 gauge (for Arabidopsis)
  • Installation
  • System calibration
  • Training
  • User manual

price 32.000,- €*
* Net price does not include customs. Transport costs, will be added to the order.

Working package:

Working set Quantity
Cleaning kit 1
Thermo-label roll (57mm) 1
Nozzles with filter (for Arabidopsis G30, G32) 20+20
Filters for cleaning station 5
Antistatic tubes (1,5ml) 11

NOTE: Consumables can be ordered separately from Labdeers s.r.o.

These consumables are provided with the Boxeed purchase and are provided for free of costs (it is not the subject of the purchase).

Boxeed 2.1. Technical Specifications:

Description and technical data  
Manufacturer Labdeers s.r.o.
Mechanical parameters
Height 355mm
Width 425mm
Depth 390mm
Weight ~15kg
Electrical parameters
Connected load 100-240V; 50/60Hz; 2.2A
Max. power consumption 90W
Operating conditions
Temperature 15°C-30°C
Relative humidity 10% – 50% RH
Atmospheric pressure 795 hPa – 1060hPa
Connection RJ-45 (LAN), Wi-Fi
Data storage input USB 2.0
User interface
Internet browser HTML5 enabled web service/browser (chrome, firefox, IE)
Cloud service  (optimized for chrome)
Tablet Boxeed application
Data archive management
Sticky label printer Standard paper width 58mm, QR code archive
Cloud service Secure free service*
External memory 64GB
Optical parameters
Light source R/G/B/W multichannel LED
Camera 2MP/ sensor ½”, COMS, low light sensitivity
Seeding and sorting parameters
Seed type

Dry seed samples

Optimized for Arabidopsis, suited for other small seed species, optimal shape – rounded/oval.

Seed size 80µm up to 3mm
Sorting and Seeding capacity 11 stocks
Sorting and Seeding capacity

Tens to Thousands of seeds (Arabidopsis)

* residual seeds count ~5pcs (Arabidopsis)

Seeding accuracy ~ 100µm (Arabidopsis)
Seeding/Sorting speed

~ 6-9sec per seed, tested on Arabidopsis

*NOTE seeds purity/quantity/size influence the speed

Seeding/Sorting setting

Single and multiple parameterized


Phenotypical analysis projections 0°/45°/90° orientation
Calculated  phenotypical parameters

Seed area (px/mm2)

Seed length (mm)

Seed width (mm)

Seed shape – L/S ratio (length/area ratio)

Seed shape – SSE (sum of square errors parameter)

Seed Fluorescence intensity (%)

Double seeds removal Implemented
Gel height detection

Automatic mode (for all plate types up to 24 well format)

Manual dropout-height setting mode

Nozzle cleaning station Single-step, mechanical cleaning of contaminants
Nozzle exchange station

Reservoir for 3 nozzles, waste container

Function of automated nozzle replacement

Sample holder (1,5ml tubes) 11 positions
Sample holder (5ml holders) 11 positions
Standard plate holder 20PL01

System accessories

External memory 64 GB

Core 2.0GHz, RAM 3GB

Touch screen 8″

GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C,

4850mAh battery,

Google Android 7.0 Nougat

*NOTE technical specifications for the tablet (operating device) may change due to availability of optimal devices on the market

Power supply included

System accessories available on a request:

Fluorescence measurement
Fluorescence Module

not included in the standard system version

Ex:455-465nm LED; Ex:  520- 530nm LED

One filter position

Filter for RFP detection / mounted ring Ø25 mm 565 – 800nm (550nm 50%TR)
Filter for GFP detection / mounted ring Ø25 mm 505 – 800nm (490nm 50%TR)
Other accessories
Custom plate holder Customized plate holder including SW customization for the provided plate samples.
Custom sample holder Customized sample holder including SW customization


Cleaning kit Brush, antistatic cloth, vacuum cleaner

Thermo label ROLL (57mm)


Thermal printer sticky labels, 5pcs/PCG

Width 57mm, diameter 31 mm

Antistatic tubes (1,5ml) Funakoshi – antistatic tubes,  500pcs/PCG
Stainless steel nozzles, 1/2″  incl. filter

Gauge 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 30, 32

*NOTE – the object manipulation depends on used caliber of nozzle, object shape, surface and weight

Plate holder 20PL01:




Product ID

Petri dish 60mm Thermo Scientific 60mm x 10,2mm Nunclon Sphera Dishes – 174944
Petri dish 90mm Noex BH903S25SQ
Petri dish 150mm Medlab Products 150mm x 18mm



Square plate 120mm Greiner bio-one 120mm x 120mm x 17mm 668 102
Multiwell plate  6-well Greiner bio-one 127,8mm x 85,5mm x 19mm


657 160

657 165

657 185

Multiwell plate  12-well Greiner bio-one 127,8mm x 85,5mm x 19mm


665 102

665 180

665 970

Multiwell plate  24-well Greiner bio-one 127,8mm x 85,5mm x 19mm

CELLSTAR 662 102

662 160

Multiwell plate  48-well Greiner bio-one 127,8mm x 85,5mm x 19mm


677 180

677 102

Multiwell plate  96-well Greiner bio-one 127,8mm x 85,5mm x 14,2mm CELLSTAR
Multiwell plate  384-well 4titude 127,9mm x 85,5mm x 10,6mm 4ti-0382
Microscopic slides max. 76,4 x 26,2 x 1,2 mm