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Extended GentleGrab

The extended version of GentleGrab presents a prototype of a portable hand held device used for manipulation with objects of challenging sizes of 5-100 μm.

Current prototype version is built-up on recent GentleGrab circuitry. Optimal device setting is under testing. The appropriate sample manipulation is tested with the use of special ceramics and glass nozzles.


The ThaleCounter is a portable hand held device to be used for quick laboratory seed counting and aliquoting.

This instrument is solely developed for Arabidopsis research.

ThaleCounter combines simple grain yield analysis with the possibility of seed sampling.


Current seed research and breeding are limited by the availability of methods suitable for noninvasive seed separationrelated to qualitative parameters of seed content. Seed analysis connected with ongoing selected plants for growth, based on the seed qualitative parameters, thus brings the possibility for highly efficient seed research, especially intended forprogressive breeding.

In this challenging project, we would like to non-invasively detect the seed quality content and/or seed viability. Our focus is dominantly related to storage oils, sugars and proteins content.


Determining the individual leaf transpiration rate at cuticular and stomatal level. We are focused on noninvasive detection of transpiration rate in seedlings or to determine transpiration rate in terms of entire leaves or individual leaves in whole plant context. Analysis of individual leaves could be useful to identify important developmental traits and related genetic factors.

We care about Earth protection

At least 90% of used plastic in prototype development is biodegradable.

We paid attention not to burden the environment with more plastics. To achieve this, during the whole process of prototyping we do our best to be Earth-friendly. For this reason, polylactic acid (PLA) is used for our device development.

PLA is biodegradable and bioactive polyester derived from renewable resources made from corn starch or sugar cane. Currently, PLA presents the most widespread compostable bioplast used. If the environment is well set, microorganisms decompose PLA products in a range of several months.

PLA used for prototyping meets European EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006 and EC 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to get in contact with food. The dyes used also meet these European regulations.