“Versatile laboratory use”


The soft precision and sensitive gripping capability followed by active air mediated sample layout make GentleGrab ideal for sensitive laboratory work. Set of stainless steel nozzles ensures optimal handling with objects of various sizes. Silicone suction pads attached to nozzles are suited for manipulation with larger objects or for specimens mounting. Although GentleGrab was primarily designed to work with seeds by non-invasive way, its use is fully versatile. You can handle GentleGrab with great result for example with laboratory work with tissues, crystals, specimen sections or for routine work with invertebrates or insects.

Selection of primary transformants

Recent plant physiology and molecular biology studies rely on the creation of transgenic organisms. Here we present the application of GentleGrab laboratory tool for efficient usage for non-invasive and fast sorting of pFAST:GFP and pFAST:RFP Arabidopsis Thaliana seeds (Shimida et al., 2010).

However, GentleGrab can be effectively used for primary transformant selection in other organisms as are the eggs of flies transformed by GAL4/UAS system.

Secure EM grids handling

The preparation of specimens for cryo-EM is time-consuming and difficult. In each step, the losses are frequent and highly expensive. The air-based tweezing is optimal for grids transport with minimal risk of its bending or destroying.

It is stressing moment once using the standard tweezers grid is laid down on the wrong side. However, by using the suction tweezers, you can invert the grid with ease, simply with a smile while playing the coin throw.

  • Dry conditions/liquid nitrogen vapours
  • Optimal nozzle: 1,5 inch/ 23G

Animal embryos manipulation

Using special water valve, even the most sensitive forms of life can be securely handled. Here we show how individual Zebrafish embryos can be separated,  transported and manipulated in both under the water and above the water surface.

Using the GentleGrab individual embryos can be transported for fixation followed by tissue preparation, DNA or RNA isolation with minimal rests of water contamination.

GentleGrab is suitable in the fish science for other purposes as is the IVF or DNA transformation as well.

GentleGrab Features