22nd International chromosome conference

27. 7. 2018

ICC 2018 – 2.-5. September, Prague, Czech Republic

International chromosome conference


The 22nd International Chromosome Conference, will bring together specialists in genetics, genomics, cytogenetics and related applied science from biomedical, plant and animal fields.

We believe you enjoy with us highly-interesting scientific programme covering chromosome structure and dynamics, nuclear architecture,  genome organization, and evolution. It will be our pleasure to be there and give You professional technical support for such amazing projects, discovering the beauty of genome and its structural changes across species, within the development and during evolution. 

New technology developed by Labdeers is designed to improve basic labour processes in scientific laboratories with emphasis on the enhancement of preciseness and the sensitivity of sample manipulation. The 22nd ICC conference is the right place to discover, touch and test directly on our booth the newest inventions GentleGrab and Boxeed.

The custom technical needs are alpha and omega of research and need to be individually solved, to generate optimal results with minimal effort. During the 22nd ICC conference, Tereza Dobisova, Ph.D. will be there to give you maximal support on a technical level.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Prague! The 22nd ICC conference will be surely an interesting and exciting meeting.