24. 3. 2019


1st — 4th April 2019Berlin, Germany


We are looking forward to meeting the scientists and other experts discovering all the principles and molecular mechanisms saying the plants when and how to die. Despite its biological importance, the plant senescence is regulated by many molecular mechanisms and in a principle, a lot is still largely unknown due to the extremely high complexity of this process. We believe the 9th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PLANT SENESCENCE will be full of great talks and surprising findings bringing the latest research and answers important for a deeper understanding of this process. We believe our knowledge and instrumentation by Labdeers can force the science of plant senescence as well and we are looking forward to discussing your research projects. We are fascinated by the applied science

and by the breeding programmes related to plant senesce. One such recently used research output is the manipulation of hormones cytokinins during the leaf senescence as one of the agronomically important trait. The leaf senescence limits both the yield and the biomass and modifies the nutritional value as well.  The best known biotechnological application of leaf senescence manipulation technology enhancing the plant productivity and quality is the strategy of promoting cytokinin synthesis in senescing leaves, resulting in enhancing grain yield and biomass in many crops. Surprisingly, the overexpression of IPT genes enhances tolerance to drought stress as well, bringing us the hope in stronger drought climate change.

We are looking forward to hear more about recent applied projects in crop science as well as about the basic research questions important for deciphering of the fundamental research answers related to plant senescence!