2. 7. 2019

Current progress in Gibberellin Research

30 June to 2 July, Olomouc, Czech Republic

It is over than 18 years since the specialized conference to the gibberellins. Professor Peter Hedden invited the best scientists over the World in the field of gibberellin metabolism and signal transduction. We heard amazing studies related to the discovery of the gibberellin receptor and incredibly a lot about the mode of action of DELLA proteins. Researchers coverd knowledge of the latest science made on Arabidopsis, wheat, tomatoes or even on palm oil trees, showing us the power of gibberellins as highly important growth regulators.

Interesting connections to the auxin and light signalling showed us the extremely high complexity of plant growth and development. Thanks to organizers for their great effort, it was a wonderful meeting all of us will remember. I hope and believe this meeting has begun a new tradition and the next gibberellins conference will be coming soon.

We thank all the participants for their interest in our instruments. Your work is our motivation to develop new devices that will allow further scientific progress.